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Juice Concentrates

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The Company possesses extensive knowledge of the juice technology and manufacture. Over the years it has been advising juice bottlers on product development as part of the free consultancy service given to our clients. 

The company is able to supply all types of concentrates which originate from top - rated companies we represent such as:

  • CITROVITA – CITROSUCO: of Brazil, one of the largest producers of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate 65°Brix. 
  • Del Monte: a key producer of aseptic pineapple concentrate 60°Brix as well as fruit juice puree concentrates 30-33°Brix, of peach, apricot, pear. 

Other fruit juices concentrate such as apple, grape, grapefruit, cranberry fruit of the forest and others, are imported from other equally reputable manufacturers. 

Our Brands:
Citrosuco Citrovita db Juice Trade

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